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Installation of enrichsdk on Windows for testing

  1. Install python version 3.8.10 from

Select the Windows installer (64-bit) download. This version of 3.8 is the one which has a Windows installer. Later versions of 3.8 don’t have the Windows installer. For example, 3.8.18 is the last version for 3.8, and it has to be installed from the source tarball. During installation ensure that python location is set in the PATH variable.

  1. Check the version of python which is running.

    > py –-list
    > python –-version
    These should be showing the supported 3.8 version as being used.

  2. Install virtualenv

    > pip install virtualenv
    During installation you might get a warning message that virtualenv.exe is not in path. WARNING: The script virtualenv.exe is installed in 'C:\Users\winuser\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python38\Scripts' which is not on PATH. Virtualenv.exe is installed in a particular folder. This folder has to be included in the PATH so that it can be run.
    echo %PATH
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\winuser\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python38\Scripts
    You can also modify the env PATH variable to include this virtualenv.exe location. Replace winuser with the correct username that is being used.

  3. Create the enrichapp folder for example C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp

  4. Create the venv

    > cd C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp
    C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp>python -m virtualenv venv
    This will create the venv folder with the virtual environment.

  5. Activate the venv by running the activate script which is present in the venv\Scripts folder.

    (venv) C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp>
    Note that the prompt now changes to include (venv) in the start.

  6. Install enrichsdk from Pypi

    pip install enrichsdk

  7. If there is an issue, you can download the tar.gz file and untar it locally at say:

    Check that the requirements.txt file exists and install the requirements in the venv.
    (venv) C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp>type C:\Users\winuser\enrichsource\scribble-enrichsdk\requirements.txt
    (venv) C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp>pip install -r C:\Users\winuser\enrichsource\scribble-enrichsdk\requirements.txt
    If there is space in the path then you will need to quote the path like:
    pip install -r “C:\Users\winspace user\enrichsource\scribble-enrichsdk\requirements.txt”
    Most likely you will receive an error about the version of pytz package. In the requirements.txt file change pytz==2020.1 to pytz>=2020.1.This will enable pip to resolve the dependencies. Then, install the enrichsdk from the source:
    (venv) C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp>pip install C:\Users\winuser\enrichsource\scribble-enrichsdk

  8. Set the env variables and launch the app

    set HOME=C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp
    set ENRICH_ROOT=C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp\enrich
    (venv) C:\Users\winuser\enrichapp> enrichpkg start

  9. Follow rest of the instructions from CLI section